I forgot to order my deck with rolled-in hanger tabs! What can I do?

There are at least two deck accessories that can be purchased to perform the function of integral (or rolled-in) hanger tabs.

1. A non-piercing hanger tab that hooks over the deck side lap. These tabs can support the same 100 pounds that each integral tab can carry.

2. A piercing hanger tab that will safely support 250 pounds per tab.

Non-piercing hanger tab Piercing hanger tab

The non-piercing tab does not require any tools to install, but it must be placed after each deck sheet is laid down and before the next sheet is lapped over it.

The piercing tab requires a hammer, but can be installed in any valley (not just at the lap between sheets).

Both of these options are simple and fairly inexpensive from a material standpoint, but the labor to install them may not be cheap. If your project calls for hanger tabs, ordering integral tabs from the deck manufacturer is the best option.

Intergral hanger tab - composite steel floor deck