About D-MAC

Daniel and Denis McMorrow

Daniel and Denis McMorrow

Founded in 1988 by Denis McMorrow, D-MAC Industries is a family owned and operated business that is in the midst of continued evolution and growth.

D-MAC offers quick shipment of corrugated steel for roofs, floors, bridges and storage racks. Personal service by knowledgeable personnel is the basis of D-MAC’s success.

D-MAC sells service… We serve those who need corrugated steel deck for roofs, floors, bridges, porches, carpet and pallet racks, mezzanines and enclosures. And, they usually need it fast-today, tomorrow, next week! We take care of them!

D-MAC sells experience…People with 30 to 40 years experience in deck products for roofs and floors. And, our type of service does not allow voicemail or answering machines!

D-MAC sells dedication… to customers, to quality, to performance!

Find out today how D-MAC’s capabilities meet your needs. Call our toll-free number, send us a fax, or e-mail us. We look forward to doing business with you!