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If you are searching for a same-day steel deck near Bloomington, MN, D-MAC Industries has got you covered. As the leading provider of steel decks near Bloomington and the greater Minneapolis area, we provide fast same-day shipment of corrugated steel for roofs and floors.

We also have a large inventory of form deck, which is ideal for floors, stairways, and other situations where a steel or concrete composite is not required. With over 30 years of experience in the decking industry, D-MAC Industries’ knowledgeable and skilled staff can help you find the best materials for the needs of your project.

We encourage you to learn more about our steel deck products, then contact us for a quick quote.

St. Paul Steel Roof Decks

D-MAC Industries provides contractors, architects, and other organizations in Bloomington with fast shipments of steel roof decks, which are available in a range of finishes and gauges. Our high-quality steel roof decks are ideal for supporting concrete or insulating membranes for flat, pitched, and arched roof systems.

Our Bloomington, MN location has a steel roof deck solution that can meet your project’s needs:

  • Type A Roof Deck: Our Type A Roof Deck has a narrow rib and is available in a prime painted or galvanized finish. Choose from a 22, 20, or 18 gauge, as well as a variety of spans.
  • Type B Roof Deck: This Type B Roof Deck comes with prime painted or galvanized finishes and offers a wide rib. Choose from a 16, 18, 20, or 22 gauge, as well as max construction space of 9 feet 4 inches.
  • Type F Roof Deck: Offering an intermediate rib, the Type F Roof Deck is a metal roof deck that is available in an 18, 20, or 22 gauge and a variety of finishes. The Type F Roof Deck has a max construction span of 6 feet 3 inches.
  • Type N Roof Deck: This metal roof deck is a deep rib roof deck and is offered in a prime painted or galvanized finish. You will have the choice between a 16, 18, 20, or 22-inch gauge and will get the largest maximum construction span of 18 feet 1 inch.

Find Same Day Floor Decks near Minneapolis, Minnesota

If steel or concrete composite is not required for your job, our Non-Composite Form Deck products may be just what you need. We offer four non-composite form deck products, including 9/16″ non-composite form decks, 15/16″ non-composite form decks, 1 5/16″ non-composite form decks, and 1 1/2″ non-composite form decks.

Typically used in floors, stairways, and other support structures, we offer four different form decks to our customers in Bloomington, MN. Available in varying widths, finishes, and gauges, we are confident you will find the right form deck for your project.

Are you having trouble deciding on the correct form deck for your needs? Just ask our experienced staff for assistance.

Floor Decks from D-MAC Industries in Minnesota

D-MAC Industries offers a choice of three composite floor deck products. Our composite floor deck products offer varying spanning and loading capabilities to suit your needs. Choose from our 1 ½” Composite Floor Deck, 2” Composite Floor Deck, and 3” Composite Floor Deck.

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Look no further for a same-day steel deck near Minneapolis! D-MAC Industries offers fast shipment of corrugated steel deck, form deck, and floor deck, so your project can stay on track with your plans. Located in Bloomington, MN, we proudly serve the greater Minneapolis area, including St. Paul, Plymouth, Burnsville, and Eagan. Our dedicated staff has been in the steel decking business for decades.

Have a question regarding steel decks? Just ask! Check out our frequently asked questions, contact us online, or give us a call at 855-572-9439 for immediate service.