About D-MAC

Daniel and Denis McMorrow

Daniel and Denis McMorrow

D-MAC Industries was founded in 1988 by Denis McMorrow with one simple mission:  to fabricate and deliver steel deck products to construction contractors on time.  It sounds simple, but optimizing manufacturing schedules and production efficiency does not always align with the inherent variability that exists on a construction project.

We built D-MAC Industries to respond immediately to the changing schedules of our customers.  We maintain excess production capacity and material inventory at 30 locations across the eastern half of the US.  This allows our SAME DAY Steel Deck division to supply steel roof deck, floor deck, and composite floor deck for commercial buildings, mezzanines, and material handling applications the SAME DAY they are required.

Our ACCELERATED Steel Bridge Form division is the only manufacturer of stay-in-place steel bridge decks for highway bridges with two dedicated roll forming lines.  This level of capacity allows us to produce a bridge deck in one week or less from the date our customer releases a job for fabrication.  We also produce larger haunch angles to address unexpected field conditions the same day the bridge contractor sends us their requirements.

Today D-MAC is still a family-owned business, proudly manufacturing in the USA using domestic steel.  We create a consistent level of service across our organization by asking everyone on our team to follow one simple rule:  Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and treat them the way you would like to be treated.  Internally, we treat each other like family (but without all of the heated arguments), and as a result, we have many long-time team members that work with D-MAC until they retire.

We at D-MAC Industries appreciate the trust that we have earned from the thousands of customers that we have served since our founding, and we look forward to providing the high level of service they require to keep their projects on schedule in the future.  We hope to work with you on your next project that requires a metal deck!

D-MAC sells service… We serve those who need corrugated steel deck for roofs, floors, bridges, porches, carpet and pallet racks, mezzanines and enclosures. And, they usually need it fast-today, tomorrow, next week! We take care of them!

D-MAC sells experience…People with 30 to 40 years experience in deck products for roofs and floors. And, our type of service does not allow voicemail or answering machines!

D-MAC sells dedication… to customers, to quality, to performance!

Find out today how D-MAC’s capabilities meet your needs. Call our toll-free number, send us a fax, or e-mail us. We look forward to doing business with you!