ASK D-MAC was created to offer answers to common questions regarding steel deck. We are committed to ensuring our customers have all the information needed to make educated decisions and help avoid costly delays. If you have a question regarding steel deck that we have not addressed, please ASK D-MAC.

Q: What is metal roof decking?

Q: What is composite metal decking for?

Q: What’s the typical depth of metal roof decking?

Q: What’s the difference between galvanized and prime painted steel deck?

Q: What gauge Type A metal deck do I need for this 5′ span?

Q: Is 9/16″ steel form deck available in 20 gauge?

Q: What is composite deck made of?

Q: When I measure for sheet lengths, how much deck needs to rest on the supports?

Q: How do I know if my deck is Acoustical, Cellular, or Cellular & Acoustical?

Q: How many screws are needed to attach my steel deck?

Q: What is the net coverage of 36 inch wide steel roof deck?

Q: Can I patch roof holes using short sheets of roof deck covering only a single span?

Q: How should I attach the sides of my metal deck sheets together?

Q: My drawings show Type ‘IR’ deck. What is that?

Q: Can I field paint galvanized deck? My first attempt peeled right off!

Q: Why is my bundle of galvanized B deck full of white powder?

Q: Why is the white-bottom deck on my job covered with red streaks across the bottom?

Q: My project calls for phosphatized and painted white bottom composite deck. What is it and why haven’t I seen it before?

Q: Can I install metal deck over a curved roof without cutting a sheet for each span?

Q: How much does a bundle of deck weigh and where should I set it on the building?

Q: I forgot to order my deck with rolled-in hanger tabs! What can I do?

Q: I’m replacing some painted roof deck that’s 0.035 inches thick. What gage number do I need?

Q: My project calls for vented 3” composite floor deck. Is that available?

Q: Why can’t I install B-deck directly onto wood trusses?

Q: I am replacing deck around a vent pipe. Can I just cut a hole in the roof deck or do I need to reinforce it somehow?

Q: How should I install this sump pan in the metal roof deck?

Q: My deck was dented when it was unloaded from the truck. Do I need to replace it?

Q: How much does a 20-foot long deck sheet weigh?

Q: I just need your standard roof deck. What is that called?

Q: The engineer told me to use Q deck over the old elevator shaft. What is Q deck?

Q: How many spans should my metal deck cover to get the maximum capacity?