D-MAC Industries offers three composite floor deck products with various spanning and loading capabilities to meet your floor deck needs. Our composite floor decks are offered in all the common standard sizes and delivered the very same day, making sure your project can stay on schedule!

At D-MAC Industries, we understand the significance of getting a last minute composite deck in a hurry. Whether you ordered too little composite floor deck, or your composite floor deck was damaged unexpectedly, we recognize the urgency to keep your project on schedule. We’ve helped contractors, builders, architects and engineers get the composite steel deck they need, when they need it the most. Learn more about our composite steel floor deck products, then contact us to get a fast and easy quote!

1 1/2″ Composite
Floor deck

Our 1 ½ composite floor deck is the narrowest of our composite steel deck products. Each of our steel floor decking is used as a platform before and during concrete placement, removing the need for pricey wood forms. Concrete is poured on top of the 1 1/2” metal floor decking and creates a strong bond between concrete and deck. We recommend pouring 2” of concrete over the ribs of the deck for a total slab thickness of 3.5”. Discover more about our 1 ½” composite floor deck systems.

2″ Composite
Floor deck

D-MAC Industries provides high quality 2” composite floor deck for private and public nonresidential applications. Our 2” composite steel deck is available in a variety of gauges, features a durable galvanized finish, and is available in either a 24” or 26” cover width. You’ll discover that our corrugated floor decking acts as a long-lasting and durable framework for the concrete and is incredibly efficient for a variety of projects. See if the 2” composite floor deck is right for your application.

3″ Composite
Floor deck

Perfect for multi-level buildings like high rises and garages, 3” metal floor decking offers superior strength and durability for a variety of applications. It is recommended that a minimum of 2” of concrete is poured over the composite steel floor deck for a total slab thickness of 5”. Every 3” corrugated metal floor decking product meets the standards for engineering, design, manufacturing, and usage of steel decks in adherence to the Steel Decking Institute guidelines. Learn more about our 3” composite floor deck.

Composite Floor Deck Options

Whether you need 1 ½” composite floor deck, 2” composite floor deck, or 3” composite floor deck, D-MAC has you covered with our galvanized metal floor decking. With its standard galvanized finish, D-MAC’s composite steel deck is designed for permanent applications.

In order to understand which composite steel deck you’ll need for the job, it’s important to know the following information:

  • The depth of the slab 
  •  Clear distance between supports.

This information is vital for determining which variety of composite floor decking you’ll need. 

D-MAC’s metal floor decking is manufactured by members of the Steel Deck Institute and meets all of the necessary steel deck certifications.

What is Composite Steel Deck Made Of?

D-MAC’s composite steel deck has embossments in the vertical ribs, allowing it to form a tight bond with the concrete slab and develop a composite floor system. Once the concrete is poured over the metal decking and the concrete cures, the completed composite steel floor decking system will provide superior strength and durability for years to come.

Oftentimes, people think that the composite in composite steel deck means that it’s a combination of steel and other materials, like composite lumber. But really, “composite” refers to the finished metal floor decking system, which is now a composite of concrete and steel decking created by pouring concrete over metal decking that has special embossments that allow the steel deck to act like rebar.

How Should I Store Composite Steel Deck?

When your composite steel deck needs to be stored on-site prior to installation, it’s important to protect it from corrosion, deformation, and any other types of damage. When your metal floor decking is not being actively installed, it should be stored off the ground, with one end elevated to provide drainage. To provide further protection from corrosion, we recommend that composite steel floor deck bundles are protected against condensation with a ventilated waterproof covering. It’s notably important to properly store your metal floor decking if you are in a climate with snow, ice, and salt, as these conditions can quickly cause corrosion. If you have any questions regarding storing your composite steel deck, the experts at D-MAC Industries are always happy to assist.

Why Choose D-MAC Industries for Same Day Composite Floor Deck

With over 30 convenient locations dispersed across the United States, D-MAC Industries is the top provider of high-quality composite deck in the nation. We pride ourselves on providing the product you need when you schedule it with same-day delivery. In addition to our same-day metal floor decking delivery, you’ll also be in the care of our team of experts who provide an unrivaled customer service experience.

No matter what product you need, or when you need it, you can count on D-MAC Industries to have it in stock ready for easy delivery and convenient pickups. Founded in 1988, D-MAC Industries is a family-owned and operated business that is dedicated to providing the best customer service. Over the years, we’ve built an impressive reputation for our commitment to quality and service and have received positive testimonials and reviews of our corrugated metal floor decking from professionals throughout the construction industry, which is a testament to our personalized service and knowledgeable personnel. Rest assured, we will go above and beyond to fulfill your composite steel deck needs.

At D-MAC Industries, we take pride in being #1 and look forward to serving your steel decking needs!

Composite Steel Deck Identifier Tool

Not sure which type of composite steel deck you need? Allow us to assist you! With our D-MAC Fabricator Magnet, you can easily identify your composite steel deck with images and common manufacturer designations. Fill out your information and we will send you our D-MAC Fabricator Magnet for free! If you need assistance identifying the composite steel deck for your project, simply give us a call and we’ll gladly point you in the right direction.

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