Client Testimonials

“That was the most amazing customer service I’ve ever experienced. When I found out I was short decking yesterday my stomach dropped. I thought there was no way I’d get it for the weekend. My high profile project completion date depended on working this weekend. You saved my skin. Thanks you so much Sarah. I’ll be in touch for sure. You made my month!”

– Nick | Project Manager


“From a sales and service standpoint, D-MAC is by far the best vendor we’ve dealt with. We will certainly reach out to you when our needs dictate and will gladly recommend your service to others with high marks. You “walk the walk” when you claim ‘same day…’. Thanks for your prompt and courteous service.”

– Bob | Project Manager


“Scott’s customer service and prompt response has been spot on for us here at AAA.”

– Mark | Estimator


“D-MAC has been very helpful to me and very competitive on price and lead times. Please keep Sarah in mind if you have any decking needs or questions. ”

– A.J. | Project Manager


“After calling D-MAC the first time I was very pleased to know that there is a company that will work with the construction Industry by taking an order over the phone and within a short time get back with pricing and a delivery date that fits your needs rather than beating around the bush. I’ve been in the construction business for over 15 years and their service is outstanding. I’ve already recommended them to several sub-contractors in the Charlotte N.C. area. I would recommend them to anyone.”

– P.D. | Project Superintendent


“I have dealt on more than one occasion with two D-MAC associates, Scott Matson and Sarah Vigilant. I found that I was surprised by the great service that I received. I felt that both associates were very friendly and extremely pleasurable to speak with. At the same time they were informative and professional. Thank you for the great local service and I look forward to doing more business together in the future.”

-Brad | Architectural Sales Representative


“Sarah, D-Mac Industries, has been a true pleasure to work with. I have been working with her for a couple of years and has earned my upmost respect. I am provided with pricing I require in a proficient and timely manner. Dealing with some of my deadlines is hard to manage, but Sarah seems to always come through in tough situations. She also provides me with integral information on metal products when needed, so the best decision can made.”

-Nicolas | Technical Representative


“Dmac’s service is phenomenal, which is why I continue to use them. I have even gotten what I wanted the same day, and the distance of delivering was 2 states away.”

-Tray | Warehouse Manager



“I would like to thank D-Mac Industries for the hard work in coming up with a solution for us that has helped us so much. When people put forth the extra effort for me I always make sure I sing their praises, and you have definitely provided me a service that is over and above what is expected.”

-Brian | Project Manager


“I wanted to drop a line and give you some feedback regarding the Revel Casino order from last month. Our customer was very pleased with the fast delivery that D-Mac was able to provide for us. The general contractor was needing to turn the floor over to the concrete trade the following Monday. This deck was needed at the job site the next day from when we gave you the order so that our customer could work over the weekend to meet this deadline. Your ability to meet this fast track delivery requirement was a Win/Win/Win solution. Thanks again from you help with this project and I hope we can work together again in the near future.”

-John | Sales Manager – Special Projects