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Form Deck

Form deck is used in instances where steel or concrete composite is not required. Often used in floors, stairways, and other residential and commercial applications, D-MAC Industries provides a high-quality form deck in various gauges and finishes.

D-MAC Industries is your go-to form deck supplier with 30 locations across the United States. We provide our customers with the very best service and support, so your project can stay on time and on budget. We’ve helped contractors, builders, engineers, and architects get the non-composite form deck quickly. Learn more about our form deck products and contact us to get a quick and easy quote.

Form Deck Applications

Form deck is intended for structural purposes and used as a foundation for floors and stairways. Our non-composite floor deck is intended to serve as a permanent steel base. Form deck provides a strong efficient foundation for forming slabs, while giving lateral stability to structural members.

Form deck should always be installed by qualified and experienced workers for a safe and effective application.

Non-Composite Floor Deck Sizes

Our non-composite floor deck is available in four sizes: 0.6” form deck, 1.0” form deck, 1.3” form deck, and 1.5” form deck. Each non-composite floor deck piece is available in multiple gauges and a galvanized finish.

Our 0.6” form deck is built for standard duty and features a pitch of 2 ½”. Choose between a 30-inch cover width or 35-inch cover width. The minimum height on the 0.6” form deck is 9/16 inches.

The 1.0” form deck is ideal for heavy-duty applications and features a 4-inch pitch with 36-inch cover width.

Choose the 1.3” form deck for extra heavy-duty applications. The 1.3” form deck features a cover width of 32 inches with rib spacing of 4.57 inches from center to center. These form deck products come in 28, 26, 24, or 22 gauges for your non-composite floor deck.

Finally, the 1.5” form deck is an inverted product that is available in a 22 gauge, 20 gauge, 18 gauge, or 16 gauge. The 1.5” form deck has a cover width of 36 inches and has a minimum height of 1 ½” with a 6” pitch.

How to Choose the Right Form Deck for your Project

Choosing the right non-composite floor deck will largely depend on your project’s needs and expectations. Our form decks are made for standard, heavy-duty, extra heavy-duty, and inverted applications.

If you’re not quite sure which form deck is necessary for your next project, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our specialists. Whether you are trying to match an existing deck on a project or pick out a completely new non-composite floor deck, our team is waiting to assist you. In fact, you can check out our easy online guide to match your existing guide with the current dimensions of your current deck.

Non-Composite Form Decks in a Galvanized Finish

D-MAC Industries offers non-composite form decks that are galvanized in accordance with ASTM A653. You’ll find that each of our form decks comes in a durable galvanized finish. The standard non-composite form deck galvanized coating is G60 (0.6 ounces per square foot). Galvanized finished non-composite form decks are ideal for corrosive and high moisture environments and should always be used as a structural support for lightweight insulating concrete fill.

Storing and Handling Form Deck Products

Non-composite form decks should always be transported, stored, and erected in a manner that will prevent corrosion, deformation, or other damage.

To allow for water drainage, store form deck products with one end elevated. Protect metal deck from water and corrosion with a ventilated waterproof covering and keep the non-composite form deck away from snow and ice at all times. We do not recommend using a storage platform for your form deck.

Deck bundles should be stacked and stored tightly with straps. It’s recommended to check the bundle straps often to ensure the wind does not loosen sheets or work the bundles apart. Additional securement should be used as needed. When hoisting bundles, the tag should always be facing up.

Non-composite form decks are intended for indoor use. You may notice discoloration of the galvanized finish as it can oxidize if left outside. This should not affect the integrity of the non-composite form deck product but may not be ideal if the form deck is used as a decorative piece. However, if the form deck begins to corrode, this will affect the integrity of the form deck, so it is important to store and handle your form deck products with the utmost care and consideration.

Our team is standing by and will be happy to make recommendations for storing and handling your non-composite form deck products.

Why Choose D-MAC Industries for your Non-Composite Floor Deck

D-MAC Industries is a family-owned and operated business that provides exceptional customer service and support. We make it our mission to deliver competitive form deck pricing and the best service and value with each of our non-composite form decks.

Our affordable and high-quality non-composite floor decks are designed to be economical and durable. All orders are promptly produced and shipped to meet your on-site specifications, so your project can stay on time and on budget.

We have over 30 locations across the nation and offer reliable deliveries with prompt service. You can count on our team to provide cost-efficient designs, easy delivery, and convenient pickup. Over our 70 years in service, we have built an impressive reputation for our outstanding service and support. Rest assured, our experts will go above and beyond to fulfill your non-composite floor deck needs.  

Get an Immediate Quote for Form Deck from D-MAC Industries

If you need a non-composite floor deck for your next project, contact the experts at D-MAC Industries. We are committed to ensuring our customers have all the information needed to make educated decisions to help you avoid costly job delays. Find out how D-MAC’s capabilities meet your metal decking needs. Use our online contact form to chat with us or call us for a quick quote.

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