Permanent steel bridge deck forms and supports shall be fabricated from steel conforming to ASTM A653 Grades SS33 to SS80 having a minimum coating class of G165.


  1. Design the forms on the basis of the dead load of form, 150 PCF for reinforcement and plastic concrete, and 50 PSF for construction loads. The unit working stress in the steel sheet shall not be more than 0.725 of the specified minimum yield strength of the material furnished but not to exceed 36,000 psi.
  2. Deflection under the weight of the forms, plastic concrete and reinforcement shall not exceed 1/180 of the form design span or ½ inch, whichever is less for design spans of 10 feet or less, or 1/240 of the design span or ¾ inch, whichever is less, for form design spans greater than 10 feet. In no case shall this loading be less than 120 PSF.
  3. The design span of the form sheets shall be the clear between girder flanges minus 2 inches.
  4. Physical design properties shall be computed in accordance with the requirements of the American Iron and Steel Institute Specifications for the Design of Cold Formed Steel Structural Members.


  1. Form sheets shall be securely fastened to form supports and shall have a minimum bearing of 1 inch at each end.
  2. Form support angles must be placed in direct contact with the top flange of the beam or girder with a minimum ½ inch bearing, and shall be adjusted to maintain required deck thickness.
  3. Welding and welds shall be in accordance with AWS D2.0 pertaining to fillet welds, except that 1/8 inch fillet wells will be permitted.
  4. Concrete shall be poured in the direction opposite to that of deck form placement.
  5. Calcium chloride or any other admixtures containing chloride sales shall not be used in the concrete placement on permanent steel bridge deck forms.