D-MAC Industries is your source for roof and floor deck accessories. We can provide all the metal deck accessories you need to finish your next job.

As your single source provider, not only do we provide high-quality roof decks and floor decks, but we also custom-fabricate roof and floor deck accessories to order to complete any job in a timely manner. In fact, when you request a quote from us, most of our orders are either picked up or shipped the very same day!

From metal deck closures, filler and finish strips, sump pans, pour stop, fasteners, to side lap screws, weld washers, and more, we have it all and can produce a wide assortment of roof deck accessories and floor deck accessories in all gauges. If you’re not sure which metal deck accessories are necessary for your roof or floor deck application, we are always ready to help. Find out about our roof and floor deck accessories and contact us for a quick and easy quote.

Types of Roof Deck Accessories and Floor Deck Accessories

Roof deck provides the best balance of strength and economy. In order to complete the job, it’s imperative to have the right roof deck accessories. Floor deck, along with form deck and composite floor deck, is an economical way to support concrete slabs during construction. Our high-quality floor deck accessories are used to help you get the job done promptly. Rest assured, all of our roof deck accessories and floor deck accessories are designed to meet the requirements for steel deck certification specifications set by the Steel Deck Institute.

Some of our most popular roof deck accessories and floor deck accessories include:

  • Cell closure: Cell closure will close off the open ends of metal floor deck and prohibit concrete from spilling through ends of the metal deck.
  • Girder Filler: Girder fillers are designed to close the gap between the weak end of the metal deck and the adjacent beam to prevent the poured concrete from falling through the gap.
  • Edge Form and Pour Stops: These formed galvanized angles are used to create a stopping point for poured concrete. Our pour stops for floor decks can be fabricated to custom sizes and gauges.
  • Z Closure: Z Closures are fastened to the open ends of sides and ribs for a tight-fitting metal deck closure and support.
  • Sump Pan: The sheet metal sump pan is a roof deck accessory that is designed to carry the load of the deck it replaces. The sump pan is used with roof drainage systems.
  • Flat Plate: The flat plate, also known as a column closure, is designed to close off an area around a column before the concrete is poured. A flat plate is also known as a screed angle or bent plate.
  • Ridge & Valley Plates: Ridge or Valley Plates are designed to support roofing material at a hip or valley condition. They act as a smooth transition over two separate roof surfaces that protect the edges of the two meeting metal deck sheets.
  • Foam Closure: Foam closures are used to seal off the installation of your corrugated roofing system. Closure plugs are flexible and lightweight, designed to handle metal deck closure shrinkage, moisture absorption, and noise migration issues.
  • Acoustical Batting: Acoustical batting is a synthetic material that is used to provide a high rate of sound absorption for a quiet interior.

What are Roof Deck Accessories and Floor Deck Accessories

Metal deck accessories are steel components that assist in creating a complete steel deck system. Roof deck and floor deck may not have enough coverage to fill the entire area between supports. The roof deck accessories and floor deck accessories are intended to be used to finish the job to prep the area for concrete or insulation board. These roof deck accessories and floor deck accessories can be more cost-effective than adding additional sheets of deck to complete a job. The roof deck accessories and floor deck accessories make it simple to install in the field.

D-MAC Industries Advantages for Roof and Floor Deck Accessories

D-MAC Industries is a premier metal decking suppler. We offer high-quality roof decks, form decks, and non-composite form decks to engineers, builders, and contractors around the United States. Each of our roof and floor deck products come in a variety of gauges, finishes and lengths to fulfill your steel deck project needs. With over 30 years of experience in the steel decking industry, we have mastered our process and offer prompt lead times and fast delivery.

In addition to our decking products, we have roof deck accessories and floor deck accessories, so you can get the job done fast. If you are not sure what type of accessories are needed for your specific project, one of our experts is always ready to assist you.

Each of our 30 locations across the country have a large inventory of roof deck accessories and floor deck accessories. Our experts will go above and beyond to fulfill all your floor and roof deck needs.

Getting a quote from D-MAC Industries is fast and easy. Simply complete our convenient online form or give one of our representatives a call. You’ll never be routed to an automated machine. Each of our team members will take the time to listen to your questions and provide guidance.

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