How much does a bundle of deck weigh and where should I set it on the building?

What Is The Steel Bundle Weight For A Deck?

There is not a pre-determined weight amount for a bundle of steel deck.  Depending on the steel deck gauge and length, a bundle of steel deck can weigh as little as 20 lbs. to as much as 4,000 lbs!  The most important consideration when determining the steel bundle weight for form decks, composite floor decks, and roof decks is that the steel bundle amount will be supported by a bar joist (which includes almost all roofs) and should not weigh more than 4,000 lbs.  Additionally, bundles must always be placed near a main supporting beam at a column or wall.

Be certain to provide D-MAC instructions on how you want us to bundle your steel deck.  Factoring in your job site storage and equipment capacity will help you to ensure that you have reduced as many moves as possible to ensure a productive job.

Don’t Forget:  If the lifting equipment on your job site cannot safely handle 4,000 pounds, let us know so that we can reduce bundle sizes accordingly.

Metal deck bundle

Safe handling practices for deck bundles as listed in the Steel Deck Institutes Manual of Construction with Steel Deck, Second Edition, include the following:

1. Check bundles for tightness so wind cannot loosen sheets or work the bundles apart.
2. Bundles should never be hoisted or moved by the strapping.
3. Deck bundles must always be placed near a main supporting beam at a column or wall.
4. The structural frame must be properly braced to receive the bundles.
5. Steel joist must be securely attached at their bearing ends and have their bridging completely attached.
6. Bundles must be rigged for lifting so that shifting and excessive tipping will not occur, and so that the lifting device will not damage the deck.
7. Do not stand under loads being hoisted.
8. Always keep the load in sight until it is safely placed on the structure.
9. Bundles should be landed so that the ends of the bundles rest on a bearing surface rather than having one or both ends cantilevered.
10. Pay particular attention to single span bundles: do not use them as a working platform and ensure that the bottom sheet extends onto the supports on both ends.
11. Make sure bundles are secure and stable before cutting bands.
12. When cutting bands on bundles, use both hands, stand well back and wear eye protection.
13. Bundles of deck which have been un-banded must be secured to prevent individual sheets from being blown off the structure.
Don't be this guy sitting underneath a bundle of deck!

Safe handling of deck bundles is imperative to keep your crews safe on the job site.  If you have any questions about the recommendations listed above, please ASK D-MAC!