How should I attach the sides of my metal deck sheets together?

There are 3 acceptable methods of attaching the sides of metal deck together.

  1. Self-tapping fasteners.
  2. 5/8” puddle welds.
  3. Crimping or ‘button-punching’ (only for interlocking side laps)

Metal Deck Installation Guide

For standard installation of steel roof deck, form deck, and 1.5” composite deck you only need to overlap the nestable, male/female side laps, and attach via self-tapping fasteners or 5/8” puddle welds (see Fig. 1).

attaching metal roof deck

2” Composite deck or 3” composite deck depths have an interlocking style of side lap. These side laps are designed to overlap and be crimped or ‘button-punched’(see Fig. 2). Manufacturers of 2” and 3” composite deck do offer extra material added to the female leg so attachment via fasteners or puddle welds is still possible(see Fig. 3). Be sure to check your installation instructions to see which method is required.

attach metal deck with screw or weld

As always, please email or call to ASK D-MAC if you have any questions regarding steel deck and accessories or this quick metal deck installation guide!