ASK D-MAC: How should I install this sump pan in the metal roof deck?

In our last edition of “ASK D-MAC”, we provided the Steel Deck Institute (SDI) guidelines for reinforcing penetrations in 1.5-inch deep steel roof deck.

Often penetrations are made in roof decks in order to install sump pans, roof deck fasteners, or drains. According to the SDI, when a 14 gage (0.075”) sump pan is properly installed, it will carry the load of the deck that it replaces and act as a small header to transfer loads into the adjacent sheets.

How to install sump pan in metal deck

As shown in the sump pan attachment detail from the SDI, channels or zees may be used to reinforce the deck on both sides of the opening. In order to be effective, each end of the channels or zees must rest on a primary support and be fastened securely to the deck and sump pan.

As always, please ASK D-MAC when you encounter field conditions that might impact the strength of your metal deck. We are ready to help!