ASK D-MAC: I just need your standard roof deck. What is that called?

prime painted and galvanized b-deck
what type, gauge, and finish of metal deck do you need for your projectType B (also known as Wide Rib) steel roof deck in 22 gauge, with either a prime painted gray or galvanized finish, is by far the most common type of roof deck used in new buildings today.

However, since steel roof deck is a structural product, asking for “standard roof deck” is like going to the hardware store and asking for some “standard nails” or telling the clerk at Bass Pro Shops that you need some “standard bullets”.

We can help you determine which type, gauge, and finish you need for your project, but like nails and bullets we need to know what you’re going to use it for.

We will follow this process:

A. If you are matching an existing deck, reference the building construction drawings, if available.

B. If you are matching existing deck but don’t have the type, gauge, and finish documented:

1. Use our deck identifier to determine the type.

2. Visual inspection of the deck will help determine if your deck is bare galvanized, but if the deck has been painted, you will not know if it was painted over galvanized or painted over bare steel. Consult with the owner and consider the interior environment to determine the best finish.

3. The support spacing combined with the loading on top of the roof will help determine the gauge. Start by determining the minimum gauge you need by using the Maximum Construction Spans shown at the bottom of each of our product pages. If the total load on the roof will be more than 40 PSF for an 1.5” deep deck, or if you are using a 3” deep roof deck, you will need to consult an engineer to confirm the required gauge.

C. If you are replacing all of the deck, use the support spacing and vertical loads to determine the most economical profile and gage with a capacity that is equal to or greater than the capacity of the deck you are replacing. Then use the interior environment and the owner’s preference to determine the best finish.

We have online resources to help you with all of these, and you can call us anytime to walk through the process together.