How many metal deck screws are needed to attach my steel deck?

All steel deck and steel deck accessories should be attached to the structural frame in accordance with your approved installation drawings. In the event that no attachment instructions have been provided for your job, you should ensure that at least the following minimum requirements are met:


  1. Attach every corner of each deck sheet to the structural frame.
  2. For 1-1/2” deck depths and shallower, attach the deck sheets at EVERY OTHER interior flute
    For deck types with depths greater than 1-1/2”, attach the deck sheets at EVERY interior flute.
  3. Attach the deck sheets at the perimeter edges of the structural frame at 36“ intervals.
  4. The deck sheets should be fastened to each other at the side laps at midspan or every 36”, whichever distance is shorter.
  5. Attach deck accessories at 12” on center.


Acceptable attachment methods to the structural frame include 5/8” puddle welds and mechanical fasteners. Fasteners can be powder actuated or self-drilling.


Acceptable side lap attachment methods include 5/8” puddle welds, #10 self-drilling metal deck screws and button punching (crimping). Welding and steel weld washers are not recommended for connecting side laps for deck that is 22 gauge or lighter.


If the attachment pattern HAS been called out on your approved installation drawings, you can find your designated pattern on the Frame Connection Layouts chart below.

metal roof deck attachment


metal roof and floor deck frame connection layouts