What is composite deck made of?

This is tricky. Many people logically assume that the word “composite” in “composite steel deck” refers to a special combination of steel and some other materials, just like composite lumber (which is wood, plastic, and glue). However, it actually describes the finished floor system, which is composed of:

(1) concrete

(2) standard steel deck that has special embossments (dents) that allow the steel deck to act like rebar and bend together with the concrete without slipping.

In fact, it does such a great job acting like rebar that additional reinforcement can usually be omitted, saving time and labor!

All steel roof or floor deck profiles that have these embossments are called “composite” deck, but they are otherwise identical to the non-composite versions. As a result, a “composite” version of Type B roof deck or 3” deep form deck can always be substituted for a non-composite version. The only caveat is that in an exposed application, the dents might make the composite deck stand out if it is installed next to deck without embossments.

The next time you need to determine which type of composite floor deck is right for your job, please give us a call. As always, we will cut it to length and ship it the SAME DAY you order!