ASK D-MAC: The engineer told me to use Q deck over the old elevator shaft. What is Q deck?

“Q deck” was the common name for the HH Robertson Company’s “Q-Lock Floor” composite floor deck, which was produced in 2” and 3” depths. HH Robertson ceased to exist in 1996 when it merged with two other companies to form Centria, but Robertson had ceased production of “Q deck” long before that.
The modern equivalents of 2”-QL-99 and 3”-QL-99 are 2” deep composite floor decks and 3” deep composite floor decks.

As you can see from the images to the right that were taken from a Robertson catalog, both the Q profiles and current profiles are similar in depth, pitch, and cover width, but the embossments, stiffening ribs, and side laps are unique.

The QL-AKX and QL-WKX are the cellular versions of these deck sections (also referred to as “plated” composite deck).

If your project requires Q deck, please give us a call. We will help you determine the depth and gauge required to support the wet concrete.

2" Q Deck3" Q Deck